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The Team

Who We Are

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Gary Krock,

Founder & Brewer

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Lost Tourist Brewing became official in 2015
but the story started long before then...

Brewing is a passion and an ever-evolving process.  LTB is constantly testing new recipes and testing experimental brews that work with new hop combinations.

Early on, LTB adopted the Reinheitsgebot German  beer purity laws of 1516 - a code designed to keep beer honest using only water, high quality barley, & hops. 

Although grandpa's recipe has been lost, elements of what Albert used can found in our beer. Albert's Ale is the name of our popular crisp, brisk Pale Ale.

We are proud to brew in our neighborhood continuing the pre prohibition era of Meriden breweries. Pharaoh's Secret, & Wandering Hippie both double India Pale Ales, have become a foundation for LTB.

It all began back in a small town in Germany early in the 20th century. My great grandfather, Albert Kunze, emigrated to the States with his brew recipe, a dream, and a few dollars in his pocket. 

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