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Where it all started

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It all began back in a small town in the lush countryside of Germany early in the 20th century. My Great Grandfather Albert Kunze emigrated to the States with his home brew recipe, a dream, and a few dollars in his pocket. Albert quickly settled in New Haven, CT immersing himself in the early American culture. 

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Recipes for a new generation

Stories circulated through Albert's growing family of his legendary German Lager which he made in the kitchen. Green from his hop additions, and that distinct taste, everyone in the neighborhood soon had their hands on the finest lager. 

Although the original recipe has been lost, elements of what Albert used can found in our beer. 

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Lost Tourist founded 2015

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I started home brewing from a kit at my local store, and the first beer was a clone! Quickly putting together my first recipe Pharaoh's Secret, the journey began! Early on, we adopted the Reinheitsgebot German purity law of 1516, using only water, high quality barley, & hops.  From my travels I want to bring the taste of the many beers across the country home to share with all of you! Lost Tourist is now a small but growing family brewery in Meriden, Conn. 

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