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Year Round Brews

albert's ale

Albert's Ale is a German inspired beer with a crisp malt base, and 2 varieties of hops.
This pale ale is hoppy, and a real thirst quencher!
I named this beer after my great grandfather, the home brewer who emigrated here from Germany.
This beer is a tribute to his skills as a brewer.
6% Alcohol. 118 IBUs.

Pharaoh's Secret DIPA

My first double IPA, Pharaoh's Secret is made with an enriching grain bill, and 5 varieties of hops. Beer can be traced back to ancient Egypt with recipes found written in hieroglyphics.
I wanted this beer to be full bodied, and hop forward.
A Wave of piney & tropical tones pour out golden in color, ready to hit your palate with a complex taste that has to be experienced! Drink this beer fresh.
7.5% Alcohol. 120 IBUs.

Dumb Jim

Dumb Jim

A smooth, cozy, & very thirst gratifying IPA, hand crafted in the style of the New England tradition.
6% Alcohol. 42 IBU

2 Alberts

2 Alberts is a crisp, hoppy DIPA
inspired by the original Alberts Ale. 2 Alberts contains more hops, more malt,
yea, yea, yea, just enjoy the beer!
8% Alcohol. 130 IBUs.

dirty bird IPA

Dirty Bird is an easy to drink India Pale Ale, with a smooth crisp finish. Made with Falconer's Flight, this beer is sure to please your palate with bursts of hoppy elegance!
6.1% Alcohol. 89 IBUs

Edward Hammer Hops DIPA

Can you ever put too much hops in a beer? Bursting with Idaho 7, Edward will be pleasing to your 3 senses...Sight, smell, & taste!
IPA 6% Alcohol. 127 IBUs

Unlicensed Craftsman

A New England IPA by nature, this IPA is full of taste with 3 American hops.
IPA 6% Alcohol.

Hassa Lager

Do you know what a Hassa is?
Hassa vienna style lager is a delicate balance of noble hops.

5.6% Alcohol.

Occasional & Seasonal brews

I wish I was a Viking

Who dosen't want to be a Viking?
I Wish I Was A Viking is a dank, & hoppy India Pale Lager best enjoyed over a feast with friends!
Coming soon!
IPL 6% Alcohol.

Pious Pilgrim

A classic stout with generous hints of maple syrup.

7.5% Alcohol.

My Cousin Robbie Triple IPA

A triple IPA made for hop heads, especially my cousin Robbie.
Robbie always asked for more hops & bitterness. Don't be put off by the high IBUs, this beer will leave your taste buds confused!
10% Alcohol. 135 IBUs.


SiFu is a west coast inspired IPA made with some of the Pacific Northwest's best known hop varieties. SiFu brings together palate pleasing citrus & grapefruit notes. This is a true hazy summer brew.
The name SiFu is of Chinese origin and is a title of respect given to the teacher from the student of a martial arts discipline. The special art of Monkey Kung-Fu is the inspiration behind the label.

6% Alcohol. 120 IBUs.

Hard Hat

6% Alcohol.

Don Donnie Donaldson

It's Don "Donnie" Donaldson...game show host of the 1970s here to showcase single hops! Each time he will feature a new hop. Which one will be next? Stay tuned for this limited release!
5.5% Alcohol.

Fat Bobby

Happy hop harvest!
By far my favorite time of year for beer, Fat bobby is brewed with fresh locally grown hops in Meriden, CT.
Each year we will pick whole cone wet hops and go straight to the kettle!
Grassy notes followed by a crisp finish, Fat Bobby is sure to please your palate.
Brewed with Warrior & Cascade hops. Catch him in September!
5.5% Alcohol.